At Cordon Housing, our mission is to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem by acquiring multifamily real estate. The proceeds generated from these investments are used to provide housing vouchers to disabled and transitioning veterans. Our commitment goes beyond mere housing assistance.

We are dedicated to connecting veterans with vital resources that enable them to access VA benefits, educational opportunities, and social programs. Moreover, we empower veterans on their journey towards homeownership by offering financial education and guidance on VA Loans.

By adopting this integrated approach, we aim to uplift and empower veterans, ensuring they have the support and tools necessary to build a stable and prosperous future.

What is our approach to securing affordable
housing for veterans?

Leveraging our status as a 501c3 organization, we enjoy tax benefits not available to private firms. This exemption from property taxes significantly cuts our operational costs for housing projects, enhancing their profitability. In turn, we are able to substantially lower rental costs for eligible veterans, making quality housing more affordable for those who've served our country.

We leverage federal resources such as Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), HOME Investment Partnerships Program Funds (HOME), and Affordable Housing Program Funds (AHP) for acquiring, preserving, and constructing affordable housing. We also secure and utilize Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) and Section 8 vouchers, when available to our tenants. This not only maximizes the cash flow for our projects but also ensures affordability for veterans facing housing instability, particularly those who marginally exceed the income eligibility for certain affordable housing programs. Our combined strategy ensures access to high-quality rental housing for veterans, irrespective of their income nuances.

While many nonprofits rely heavily on donations and grants to fulfill their mission, our approach is distinct. We aim to operate a profitable business that fuels its own growth. The profits we generate are not siphoned off, but reinvested into our mission - either by acquiring more properties to expand the housing options for veterans, or by directly subsidizing housing for disabled veterans. In essence, our profitability doesn't just sustain us, it enables us to make a greater impact.

We ensure that donations are never used to cover salaries or ongoing operational needs of the organization. This financial approach guarantees that all donated funds directly contribute to improving the housing situation for veterans.

About US

Our Founders

Jorjio Hopkins

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Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey, cofounder of Cordon Housing, is devoted to making a lasting impact in the lives of low-income veterans by providing affordable housing to veterans in need. His unique blend of experience includes 7 years as an infantryman in the US Army and a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development from Tulane University. Notably, Chris also played a key role at the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, where he financed over $90 million in affordable housing projects. His rich background in commercial real estate also encompasses valuable contributions to external development firms, including Ryan Companies and Pennrose, where he assisted in the development of over $200 million in multifamily development projects. Chris’s combined military service, educational accomplishments, and professional acumen make him an exceptional leader in the quest to provide sustainable housing for veterans in need

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Why are we doing it?

Affordable Living, Honoring Service

Our unwavering commitment to fellow servicemen and women. Our nonprofit organization was forged from the shared vision of our founders, seasoned veterans from both the Army and the Marines, who seek to address the pressing need for affordable housing in the veteran community. Our military experience fuels our understanding of the unique challenges veterans confront when searching for secure and affordable housing after leaving the service. We believe that no veteran should be burdened by the stress of unaffordable living after the invaluable service they’ve rendered to our nation. To this end, we offer specially discounted rental units for low-income veterans. This initiative is more than just a commitment – it’s our mission to make affordable living a reality for all veterans. Through our endeavors, we aim to honor the service of our fellow veterans by serving their housing needs in return

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What is our Mission?

Our goal is to develop a sustainable funding stream that will allow us to provide flexible, self-sustained housing vouchers for veterans. Additionally, we are committed to broadening home ownership prospects for our veteran tenants through financial education and VA Loan product coaching.

Core Capabilites Statement

Funding Application Experience

Our team demonstrates specialized skills in handling an array of funding applications aimed at affordable and market rate housing projects. When it comes to market-rate properties, our team excels at applying for and closing on traditional mortgages. For affordable properties, we can help prepare applications for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), HOME, ARPA, TIF, Voucher Applications, and Congressional Grants.

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It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic type setting, remaining essentially unchanged.